Timber and Firewood

As a busy Tree company we produce a lot of waste, to comply with our own environmental policy we make every effortFire wood 1 to recycle and re use as much of this waste in the most economical and cost effective way that we can.

One of our major volumes of waste is timber, some of this we bring back to our base in large diameters and lengths, where we store it to dry and then send it off or sell it for milling. Most of the good hardwood we produce is also brought back to our base, this gives the Tree team a job in the dry, cutting, splitting and stacking the produced firewood under cover for future sale.
This barn dried firewood is sold in 0-9 Cubic metre bulk bags or loose and delivered to the customers address on one of our tipping trucks, we don’t put a deposit on the bags but we do ask for them back.

logs are delivered locally, max 10 mile radius of our base, delivery may still be charged on single bag drops at the outer limit of this range.

Bulk bags of dry hardwood logs £60-00 each. Or multiples of £45.00 for loose loads. (max loose load = £180.00)

Softwood timber

We supply Kindling and Firewood logs in small nets (same as you buy at your local garage) for £3.00. Collected.
larger barrow bags are sold for £30.00 collected.
Bulk 0.9 cubic meter bags of firewood are still £60.00 (subject to availability)
Our BIG 2 cubic meter vented bags are great value at £100.00 each (Including local delivery)
Prices are excluding 5% vat and bag deposits.


We regularly attend Emergency tree works for the District and County Councils, this can be anything from a stick in the road to a twenty five tonne Oak tree, our remit is to clear and make safe any public rights of way, not to clear every last bit of timber or brash, this can occasionally lead to quantities of timber left on the roadside looking for a good home. When this happens and it is SAFE to access this timber we will flash up a “Free Firewood Alert” on our web page and Face book page giving the location of the site, the rest is up to whoever gets there first, just don’t be greedy or fight over it, there will always be more.