Suppliers of quality wood chippings, Proven to suppress weed competition, retain moisture, increase essential biota in theMulch Gloucestershire surrounding soil, add valuable nutrients while ameliorating the soil through increased worm activity, Plus add friendly fungi which can help in combating the spread of harmful fungi species (e.g. honey fungus)
We also shred all of our un-chippable green waste, producing a course compost, ideal for planting, digging into clay to aid drainage and aeration of the soil or as a dark fine mulch.
We market our chip and compost in four ways.

  1. Fill your own bag (max 80ltr)  £1-00 By appointment only.
  2. Collect from our premises, truck or trailer. £5-00 bucket load from our skid steer loader. (equivalent of £8-00 per cubic metre) By appointment only.
  3. We deliver to you (locally) £15-00 per cubic metre, ( part load delivery charge applies)
  4. Bulk bag 0-9 cubic metre. £30-00 collected. £45-00 local delivery on a tipping truck.