Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is of paramount importance to us, Our entire reputation is built on it.

“We don’t just look after your trees, we take care of you, our client as well”

We want customers to be delighted with our services, and be satisfied that they got excellent value for their money, we want to be invited back again another day and be recommend to your friends and family.

To achieve this,  We work hard to be the best, because it matters.

We would very much appreciate customers to feed back their opinions and comments, good or bad, tell us what you liked, or what if anything you were unhappy with, if you are not satisfied our team carries copies of our complaints procedure in their Core vehicle (Transit tipper),  please ask for one, this will explain what we can and will do to rectify any complaint.

Our core vehicle also carries “The Truck Book” This is a portfolio book full of copies of all our Insurances, Staff training certificates, company policies, risk assessments, method statements, HASWA, LOLER, PUWER,WAH, COSHH and many other important guidance notes.

The Truck book is available to any customers who wish to see it while our staff are on their premises.

Many of the costs involved in supplying a quality service are invisible to the majority of customers, Our clients can be assured that we have worked hard to produce a quality service providing trained and experienced care for their tree’s, hedges and landscapes at a fair price, there are many small tree care businesses out there who definitely cost less, but they invariably also care less.

         We don’t just take care of the customers trees, we take care of our customer as well.                                                       Employing unqualified tree workers?  Can be hazardous to your trees….. and Pocket. 

Tree Management Gloucestershire